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Iomega backup recovery

Computer forensics discussion. Please ensure that your post is not better suited to one of the forums below (if it is, please post it there instead!)
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Iomega backup recovery

Post Posted: Mar 19, 06 23:29

I am trying to recover some files from an IOMEGA external HDD. These files are backup files used by The Works (an IOMEGA backup program). These files consist of image.xxx files (where xxx are three digit numbers) and .fss files.

What happened is that the backup software has become 'confused' and cannot see any backups from within the Work interfact. The directory contents clearly show that the files date back to 2003. (see below)

The question is, does anyone have any insight on how to look into these files to recover the data from them?


Corey H.

09/20/2003  11:47 AM                36 092003.fss
10/17/2003  12:16 PM                36 10_17_03.FSS
11/15/2003  12:03 PM                36 11_15_03.FSS
08/13/2003  07:39 AM                36 full_8_13_03.FSS
12/20/2003  07:15 PM     4,287,627,264 image.115
12/20/2003  07:15 PM     4,287,627,264 image.116
12/20/2003  05:03 PM     4,287,627,264 image.117
12/20/2003  07:26 PM       429,493,248 image.118
12/22/2003  05:01 PM           118,784 Image.113
12/20/2003  07:26 PM     4,287,627,264 image.114

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