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Windows 64bit

Forensic software discussion (commercial and open source/freeware). Strictly no advertising.
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Senior Member

Windows 64bit

Post Posted: May 17, 06 03:30

I'm curious if anyone out there has had experience using commercial tools on winXP 64 bit.

specifically :
FTK imager
Gargoyle Enterprise

Any stability issues? Seen a performance increase? Any info would be helpful before I decide to overhaul my workstation.  

Senior Member

Re: Windows 64bit

Post Posted: May 23, 06 19:23

Hi Hogfly,

Unless the software has been written for 64bit OS I would be supprised to see much performance increase.

I will ask the dataAccess and others to see if they can confirm any performance increases or problems. I will post any replies later.


Senior Member

Re: Windows 64bit

Post Posted: May 23, 06 19:29

Are drivers still a problem for those using 64 bit windows? I remember when it first came out there were some concerns  

Senior Member

Re: Windows 64bit

Post Posted: May 27, 06 07:34

Drivers are an issue, but to a much lesser extent than they were, say, six months ago. Some of my forensic tools that require drivers, e.g., Mount Image Pro (MIP), won't run on 64. I can, however, run a 32-bit VM in 64 and use MIP to mount an image. My other tools run fine on 64, but there will be no performance increase with 32-bit apps. From what I understand, some of the major tools are not going to be built for 64 because the add-ins that they use can't conform. iLook is looking to be 64-bit with the next major release.  


Re: Windows 64bit

Post Posted: Aug 14, 06 21:27

In a slight twist to the topic, I'm running Windows XP 32-bit on an AMD 64-bit Opteron system.

Paraben Email Examiner and P2Explorer software just don't run on it, bluescreen every time you run them. Paraben tell me that they expect to have compatible software released before the end of the year.


Senior Member

Re: Windows 64bit

Post Posted: Aug 14, 06 23:30

Did you mean that the tools won't run on XP32? I've used Email Examiner on the 32 side of my Opteron with no problems. Drivers will be an issue with P2Explorer. I'm hopeful that Mount Image Pro develops 64-bit drivers, and that product is, IMHO, more versatile than P2.  

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