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Talking about your job to friends & family

Discussion of computer forensics employment and career issues.
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Senior Member

Re: Talking about your job to friends & family

Post Posted: Jan 30, 15 17:09


I think LinkedIn can fall into that category too. Whilst it's difficult to make a fool of yourself on LinkedIn it will contain some useful information about where you work, where you live (to some extent) and who your professional contacts are.

Facebook on the other hand is in many ways easier to lock down from others but frequently is left open. From a career point of view I've come across a number of younger people who can't understand why they aren't getting the jobs they want whilst their Facebook status is always 'drunk' and where there are pictures of their intimate piercings!

With all the tofu you eat you want to live to a ripe old age so make sure you consider the threat risk, even though the risk is tiny.

Forensic Computer Examiner, London, UK 


Re: Talking about your job to friends & family

Post Posted: Jan 30, 15 18:53

Thank you Steve for your insight on the topic. Definitely something that I will keep in mind.  

Senior Member

Re: Talking about your job to friends & family

Post Posted: Apr 02, 15 08:26

On some forensics positions, you do not talk about what you do with friends, family or anyone else. I have worked in the field and things surrounding it for several years, and it wasnt until recently i was given an ok to talk about what types of training i have recieved.

Some people have problems working under these conditions and yes, it severely limits your career options and it can stop you from getting a job outside an agency with such restrictions since you cannot talk about what you have done over the last years - basically it is a big blank space in your CV.

Whenever i have gone on interviews i have been given clearance to what i was going to talk about with the interviewer. Interviewers persist on asking questions that i cannot answer, you just want to tell them that "yes, i have worked with this and that and im qualified", you basically have to sit there and think things through before you say anything.

Same goes for friends and family: "So what do you do"? "I, uh, work with IT", and they say "A-ha" and go away. Some people openly share their experiences in working with the same agency because they think everything is ok to talk about since they never signed the same agreement, and then expect you to share your experiences back, which leads to the death of the conversation and they think you are weird.

So, think twice before signing a secrecy agreement. How will it affect you in the long run? Will your family understand if you come home angry from the job one day and cannot talk about it? How will they react when you lie there in bed and cannot sleep because they never read or saw what you saw? Thinks like that seem cool on TV, but reality is different.  

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