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Year Long Placements

Discussion of computer forensics employment and career issues.
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Year Long Placements

Post Posted: Mar 22, 15 17:47

I am a second year Uni student and im finding it very hard to find placements in the DF field. There are placements available but due to family commitments, i am not able to move outside the West Midlands.

Does anyone know of any companies small or large who take placements in the West Midlands?

I have had a couple of interviews with companies which look promising, i just want to satisfy myself that i have contacted all the companies that i can!

The big ones in the West Midlands such as CCL do not take placements due to security.  


Re: Year Long Placements

Post Posted: Mar 23, 15 08:40

My advise would be to also consider LE. Smaller Hi-Tech units and departments are more approachable and you'd definitely learn a lot in there  


Re: Year Long Placements

Post Posted: Mar 23, 15 08:41

Law enforcement placements are usually unpaid which I cannot really afford to do to be honest. Wish I could as it would be a great opportunity!  

Senior Member

Re: Year Long Placements

Post Posted: Mar 23, 15 10:11

I have no links to the suggestions below. You could try the following

Disk labs located in Tamworth
CCL - Stratford

I have also sent you a PM.  


Re: Year Long Placements

Post Posted: Mar 26, 15 23:37

Although it may be 'better' to get a DF related placement, it might still be worth applying for other computing related placements just in case. Especially as you will be limited to the companies nearby to you. You can still get very good job experience and develop other transferable skills that can help you once you graduate.

I'm graduating this year with a digital forensics degree but I spent my 12 month placement in software development. I feel that even though it isn't exactly related to what I wanted to do in the long run, it has definitely helped secure my DF graduate job that I have now.  

Senior Member

Re: Year Long Placements

Post Posted: Mar 27, 15 05:42

I agree with TofuBoy. Anything computing related will be good as it shows you have a major interest in technology, and have the basic computing skills required for digital forensics.  

Senior Member

Re: Year Long Placements

Post Posted: Apr 10, 15 06:42


May be worth a look.  

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