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Few questions about future career

Computer forensics training and education issues. If you are looking for topic suggestions for your project, thesis or dissertation please post here rather than the general discussion forum.
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Few questions about future career

Post Posted: May 04, 17 20:30

Greetings, I am new here, a student at a University, and just finished my second year. I am a CIS Major with a concentration in Networking, and Cyber Security. These couple of years have been 3/4 core Liberal Arts studies, and about 1/4 Computer and Math. These next two years will be all computer classes dealing with Networking. I have had three classes already with Java, and various mixtures of information security, Data Communications and such. Now I will be focusing more on Cryptography, Network Security, and some other advanced training.
So there is my background so far.
I spent about 6 months in the Marines, my goal was to make a career in Special Forces/ Military Police. That didnt work out due to being injured. After the Marines I tried getting on the local Police Departments, and State Police, but the physical part was too demanding on my injuries.
I didnt want to feel useless and my life had no more purpose since i couldnt achieve want I wanted so badly. The VA Center is paying for my schooling, and I figure I can still be part of Law Enforcement in some other way.

Now comes my main question. Where do I go from here? When I finish my school, I have no clue how to look for the beginning of my career. Honestly I am still up in the air of where I want to be when I am done with school. The field of computer science is enormous and its ever evolving.

I have been testing the waters of Forensics because a close friend of mine is a retired police officer after 30 years , and also he does forensics. I talk with him often to get an understanding of the field. I am a very proactive person when it comes to schooling, so I normally get my books very early before the semester and I read them over and over. I like to have an advantage when classes start. I can earn credit hours by working in my Major-related field, and I am thinking about starting that right away with my friend who does forensics.

Over the summer I plan to research the terminology, definitions, and try to get a better understanding of what A forensics specialist uses and looks for when looking at computers. I am sure I will have many questions, but I dont know if this website is the appropriate place for them since I see most posts are people who are career people.
Sorry for the long post.  

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