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SANS onDemand

Computer forensics training and education issues. If you are looking for topic suggestions for your project, thesis or dissertation please post here rather than the general discussion forum.
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SANS onDemand

Post Posted: Jan 25, 18 16:04

Hi All

Quick question - I am going on a SANS course and as part of this you can pay extra to take the exam to get certified and also extra again to get 3 months additional course content access via their onDemand offering. My question - is the onDemand worth it/needed to have a decent chance at passing the exam or is the material they provide throughout the course sufficient?




Re: SANS onDemand

Post Posted: Jan 25, 18 17:30

As with anything, it depends. It depends on your understanding of material. However, in my personal experience, it is one of the other. Either do it live and review yourself OR do OnDemand and skip the live session all together.

The OnDemand material is the same thing you'll get in class, only it isn't live. You can go back and forth at your leisure, which can help if you need the visual understanding better -- OR if you want to see the instructor go through the labs again so you can understand those.  


Re: SANS onDemand

Post Posted: Feb 01, 18 05:48

agree with randy, it depends on what type of student you are. i can sit through 6 says of sans classes, stay engaged with the instructor and classmates, build a test index and learn. i only suffered through a vlive+ondemand once, because i found it was too disengaging for me to pay attention. Listen to this webcast, sure. but why not also browse the internet... next thing you know you have to rewind an hour.

the good news about ondemand is that you can permanently save the class (either with a stream saver, or sometimes the instructor will post limited time links to the mp4). this is particularly valuable for methodology classes that tend to stay current for a long time (malware analysis, a windows forensic course between major releases). it also means without too much trouble you can find the classes in unsavory places online.  


Re: SANS onDemand

Post Posted: Feb 07, 18 12:01

Thanks both!

I decided to just stick with the live course and will then take the exam after that.  


Re: SANS onDemand

Post Posted: May 24, 18 17:46

I know this is an older thread but I just wanted to throw out one thing about the on demand classes. I really liked the ability to "speed up" the lecture portion. For the most part, I was able to keep up at 1.25 and 1.5 normal speed. Anywhere where I felt lost I could just move back and slow things down.

To the original question. I have taken 4 SANS courses. There was only one where I might have wanted both the live and on demand but even that was a stretch. (That one class was the ICS 410. That class was more focused on terminology then others.)  

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