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(IN)Secure Magazine - Computer forensics vs. e-discovery

Computer forensics discussion. Please ensure that your post is not better suited to one of the forums below (if it is, please post it there instead!)
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Re: (IN)Secure Magazine - Computer forensics vs. e-discovery

Post Posted: Oct 26, 06 06:38

haha absolutely and dont get me wrong give me CF over Ediscovery anytime. It isnt a very interesting use of our skills and I am unfortunately in the position where I need to do both as somebody who has taken the big four shilling!! Very Happy

On a topic close to your heart it will be interesting to see what, if any innovation comes out of the Ediscovery space. not sure being a professional Quake player qualifies though!!  


Re: (IN)Secure Magazine - Computer forensics vs. e-discovery

Post Posted: Oct 27, 06 03:16

I'm up to my neck in complex litigation (patent) eDiscovery and find the forensic aspect monstrously fascinating. The current ED tools were first designed for data storage capacity from 5-7 years ago- and they are stuggling to keep up. With the size of data collections we make today, the only way to sort out relevant docs begs some forensic knowledge. I see a great space for CF to overlap/compliment the ED process in native file searches- preserving the orig file formats. You should see the mess summation makes dealing with native files- copying files, changing file names. Our best practice right now is maintain a path back to the orig in case that file’s metadata is found relevant. There’s definitely a bleeding btwn the 2.

New US e-discovery federal rules might compel companies to crack down on what their employees are doing with their machines – and that could open some forensic doors.

I do still get the impression that we are all sort of in glass houses with ediscovery and having CF knowledge might give us the upper hand in challenging the other side’s processes.  

Senior Member

Re: (IN)Secure Magazine - Computer forensics vs. e-discovery

Post Posted: Oct 28, 06 11:24

Sounds like you need some cutting edge technology. Maybe you need to checked out Attenex Patterns E-Discovery Software? From reading all the Web info on this product it seems to fill your technical needs. [I have zero experience/knowledge of this product!] The online information is quite impressive and provides an interesting read!

I could not find any reliable price structures. From the Ads I would probably guess that I could not afford the software box.

Maybe some of the other folks have experience with E-Discovery Software products?
Give a man a fish and he can eat today. Teach the man how to fish and he will be able to eat his whole life. 

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