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Computer forensics training and education issues. If you are looking for topic suggestions for your project, thesis or dissertation please post here rather than the general discussion forum.
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Post Posted: Jun 08, 16 03:28

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Re: How long would it take to gain kCura RCA Cert from scrat

Post Posted: Jun 10, 16 04:05

Hi there,

I am part of the kCura Certification team and am happy to provide some insight into your questions.

To recap a bit, the Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) certification is made up of two parts: a hands-on project and a 150-question exam. The hands-on project mirrors a work request and you have 75 minutes to complete it. For example, you might be asked to load data, create reports, run searches, and export as part of the project, and so your job is to complete those steps in a Relativity exam workspace in an accurate and timely fashion. Regarding the quiz, I firmly believe the more prepared you are for the hands-on portion and the better you understand how to perform each task, the more prepared you'll be for this portion of the exam. We outline exam topics in the study materials and aim to test your knowledge of what the software is capable of, along with some best practices.

One of the most important parts of taking the RCA is dedicating time to studying, especially the hands-on project. Upon exam registration, you'll gain access to a Relativity instance, where you can create your own workspace(s) and use the RCA Exam Workbook and associated Sample Data to complete exercises. You can also use this environment to study and work through the hands-on projects. As you noted, prerequisites include attending kCura’s Administrative Training or having on-the-job training – if you’re relatively new to Relativity or the industry, it might be wise to attend Admin training – as well as at least three months’ experience using Relativity. Note, though, the purpose of Administrative Training is not to solely prepare you for the certification.

That said, if you’re not completely sure how to begin studying, we do offer a three-month study plan that outlines all the available (and complimentary!) training and documentation resources that should be utilized while studying. We usually recommend that folks just starting out budget 80 hours for studying prior to taking the exam.

I know you also asked for some tips. Here are some to get you started!

- Do not rely solely on the RCA Practice Quiz. Questions on the practice quiz are not on the actual exam, and so while getting a good score on the practice quiz is admirable, it does not mean you are ready for the exam. The quiz does provide insight into question types, question topics, and question formats. That said, I would wait to use the practice quiz as a way to check your knowledge until you’re 2-3 weeks out from your exam date.
- Attend RCA Q&A webinars! RCA Q&A Webinars are hosted each week and include a demo of a task similar to those on the hands-on projects, as well as time for open Q&A. You can register on the Certifications page of the kCura website.
- After you’re more comfortable with the requirements of the exam, be sure to time yourself on the hands-on projects. Obviously at the beginning of your studies, it will take you longer to figure out what you need to accomplish. After you have certain tasks nailed down, you’ll get faster. Eventually, you’ll want to be sure you can complete the hands-on project in about 60 minutes. This will give you some buffer time and confidence on exam day, should you get flustered.
- Note your exam date. We typically upgrade the exam in May and again in November, so if you’ve been studying on 9.3, you’ll want to be sure you take the exam before we upgrade in November.
- Consider taking the Relativity Certified User (previously Relativity Review Specialist) exam first. With only 100 questions that focus on the core reviewer interface and navigating the workspace, this exam might give you a chance to see where your knowledge is. Note, it’s certainly not as robust as the RCA, but still will test your knowledge of Relativity review features and tasks.
- Lastly, there are additional study materials located on our Customer Portal. You do have to be registered for an exam to access them, but don’t forget they’re there!

If you have additional questions or need clarification, please feel free to email Certification @ kcura.com, and the team will be able to assist.

Best of luck!  


Re: Delete Topic

Post Posted: Jun 15, 16 02:35

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Senior Member

Re: How long would it take to gain kCura RCA Cert from scrat

Post Posted: Jun 15, 16 05:16


I'm so glad you were hanging out on the forum to answer A5AD's question. I hope I have similar luck.

Can anyone recommend something to help with my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis? I'm tired of the frustration and covering up. I need something that is clinically proven to provide clearer skin.


/me waits around for an Amgen rep...  

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