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Digital Vehicle Odometers

Computer forensics discussion. Please ensure that your post is not better suited to one of the forums below (if it is, please post it there instead!)
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Digital Vehicle Odometers

Post Posted: Feb 09, 07 15:04

Hi All
advice please. Does anyone know of (how or who) any way of detecting 'clocking' of a vehicles odometer - a digital one - in a forensically safe manner - eg finding out from the digital odometer whether car has been clocked or not.

all advice appreciated.
Andy Fox
Digital Forensics Director
Audax Digital Forensics


Re: Digital Vehicle Odometers

Post Posted: Feb 15, 07 11:08

Hi Andy-I think some cars have two odometers-one internal and the other obvious one. Sometimes if these don't match, then it could be indicative of clocking. The other odometer is on the ECU(engine control unit) I think-may be different on different makes.
however, things like shorts etc could effect the eeprom that runs the odometer.
I'm not an expert on these things. Perhaps you could contact the manufacturer?  

Senior Member

Re: Digital Vehicle Odometers

Post Posted: Feb 17, 07 00:11

Motor vehicles support the OBD-II standard (On Board Diagnostics). Odometer information isn't in the standard, but is one of the "enhanced" commands. All vehicles (in the USA at least) manufactured since January 1, 1996 support OBD-II. Automotive technicians use OBD-II standards while scanning for malfunction information. Commercial scanners to retrieve said data are available.

There is lots of information available at www.obdii.com. I'm waiting on an email response and might have more specific information in a bit.

Email received: My brother, who is an expert in automotive computer tech says to check these guys out as well:

Jerry Nicholson, Owner

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