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AOL e-mails

Forensic software discussion (commercial and open source/freeware). Strictly no advertising.
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Senior Member

AOL e-mails

Post Posted: Sep 26, 16 05:54

Howdy folks,

AOL e-mails no longer use the *.pfc extension. I've read up on it, and there seems to be very few tools that can parse it. All over the Internet, there seems to be just one tool that can process them -- I've tried all the ones on the Internet and nothing seems to be working so far.

Do any of you have any other suggestions/advise? Is there any way to manually reconstruct them? I am at a loss, and under intense deadlines...

Thanks Smile  

Senior Member

Re: AOL e-mails

Post Posted: Sep 26, 16 12:01

Please write a bit more details about your task. What is the OS, what is the email client or offline files you got, software versions, etc. Maybe then more people could help.
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Senior Member

Re: AOL e-mails

Post Posted: Sep 26, 16 21:57

Thanks for getting back -- there seems to be only two tools out there:

1. "AOL PFC Viewer" which is basically the only tool that comes up in myriad form when you Google for a "PFC Viewer";

2. An oldschool Java/JAR PFC Viewer tool that I used to use in the early 2000s.

Is there anything else I might try?  


Re: AOL e-mails

Post Posted: Sep 28, 16 01:49

You might try the Microsoft tool for PFC conversion direct to PST. You can find it here: gallery.technet.micros...r-5c9a5091  


Re: AOL e-mails

Post Posted: Oct 01, 16 02:20

If you are looking to read contents of PFC emails in a friendly, uncompressed format, Blade Professional from Digital Detective may help. You can input a disk image or PFC file and get out HTML formatted messages.

More details on their site: kb.digital-detective.n...l+Messages  

Senior Member

Re: AOL e-mails

Post Posted: Oct 03, 16 22:25

Excellent! Thank you for the tip. I will check it out Smile  

Senior Member

Re: AOL e-mails

Post Posted: Oct 04, 16 12:20

Hold on - are they PFC files or not? You say in the first post that they're not PFC files but then go on to list some PFC viewers. I'm confused.

If they are PFC files, these are well supported with off-the-shelf forensic software; even EnCase v6 supports them.  

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