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Job hunting advice for UK computer forensics professionals

Forensic Focus has a new job board and this forum has now been archived. If you are a job seeker, please view our current list of job vacancies at https://jobs.forensicfocus.com/jobs/ If you are an employer/agency and wish to post your job vacancies, please register at https://jobs.forensicfocus.com/registration/
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Job hunting advice for UK computer forensics professionals

Post Posted: Apr 02, 07 16:07

David Sullivan has provided some very useful information in the message that is now a sticky under this thread. As an employer that recruits graduates and professionals from the three sources that he has identified, i.e. direct newcomer, direct via acquaintance or via a recruitment company, I recognise the salary levels that have been quoted.

A recruitment agency is ideal for presenting your cv to the industry and from my experience they work hard to do so. However, please note that the recruitment agency will usually work on a commission basis based at a percentage of the agreed salary with the new employer. The percenatge varies considerably from agency to agency and according to level of entry. The minimum that I have seen is 10% of salary. The maximum I have encountered is 45%. The average at entry level being about 10-25% (two to three months salary).

I raise this because this is a cost that your potential employer has to bear to engage your services over and above your salary and benefits package. Therefore, another important question to raise with an agency is: "what is the agency fee to the employer?". Why? In a scenario whereby two people of equal talent, experience and availability complete the interview stage - I have a business decision to make based on cost. The agency fee can make the difference.


Senior Member

Re: Job hunting advice for UK computer forensics professiona

Post Posted: Apr 02, 07 17:47

Steve raises an interesting point.

This is a classic case of differing perspectives as most, if not all, recruiters will support the right to protect the details of commercial agreements with Clients from jobseekers as well as their competition. For any jobseeker the crucial factor must surely be which recruiter is best positioned to assist with the job search and provide support with elements such as package negotiation: the terms of my agreement with a client will have no influence over these parts of the service I provide to the jobseeker.

However, as Steve says, the fee an agency charges can be a factor for the recruiting organisation and can stop you securing that dream position. Some of the fees charged for what is effectively a CV distribution service are absolutely outrageous, but that is a debate for another forum. What you as a jobseeker need to ensure is that your recruiter does actually have a commercial relationship with the potential organisation. Always ask your recruiter the following questions:

1, How long have you recruited for organisation 'x'?
2, How many people have you placed there in the last 12/24 months?
3, Who is your main contact there?
4, Why should I be represented by your agency as opposed to another recruiter?

If you don't get a satisfactory response, don't allow the recruiter to approach the organisation on your behalf. That way you do not run the risk of not even being selected for interview because the recruiter you are speaking with does not have an agreed commercial relationship with your target organisation.
David Sullivan
Computer Forensics Specialist Recruiter

T: 01376 339222
M: 07789 633926 


Re: Job hunting advice for UK computer forensics professiona

Post Posted: Apr 02, 07 20:59

Again, I completely endorse everything that David has said.

The prize here is your placement into a position both suitable and realistic to your skills and aspirations. A good recruitment agent/agency will be able to answer the questions suggested. The prize to the recruitment agent, prior to placement, is possession of your cv. David is right to advise that you should take great care over the decision of who you give your cv to.

Some recruitment agencies will advise on content and review the document that is sent to prospective employers. Others do not.

In addition, I have seen many cvs that have obvious grammatical errors. Not a good start when an employer is looking for accuracy required for/by forensic disciplines. I would honestly suggest that you ask a friend or relative to read your cv to you. Not for you - to you. I know from personal experience that it is easy to be blind to your own errors - that is until you have already pressed the [SEND] key. No doubt, I shall read my own errors when this text goes public.

Take care. You are the asset and it is your future. I wish you success.