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Cell data analysis, problem

Discussion of forensic issues related to all types of mobile phones and underlying technologies (GSM, GPRS, UMTS/3G, HSDPA, LTE, Bluetooth etc.)
Subforums: Mobile Telephone Case Law
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Senior Member

Cell data analysis, problem

Post Posted: Apr 24, 09 19:29

Hi all.

We have a problem on a case.
We have received the itemised billing and call data records.

Both phones communicating (of interest) are Orange, phones = OA and OB for ease of explanation

When comparing the billing to CDR we noted two missing SMSs from the itemised billing, therefore it was thought they were not received by OB from OA and thus not charged.

But when checking the CDR there is cell id data for OB which is the receiving phone but nothing for the sending phone OA, for just these two messages. Which tells us OB received it.

We do not have any bills or CDR for OB, this information is just on OAs records. It has sender and receiver details as they are both on the Orange network.

Any thoughts as to why this is??

Thank you
Si Very Happy  


Re: Cell data analysis, problem

Post Posted: Apr 24, 09 23:33

Just a thought here, never actually researched this, but...

could OA have sent the message from an online service such as www.cozi.com instead of from OA's phone? I don't know if that would reflect on the CDR or not...perhaps if OA had to enter OA's cell number in their online account. I don't believe Cozi itself shows up on the senders CDR, but maybe another provider does.


Senior Member

Re: Cell data analysis, problem

Post Posted: Apr 25, 09 02:07

My thoughts too - something like the SMS facility in Skype
Paul Sanderson
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Senior Member

Re: Cell data analysis, problem

Post Posted: Apr 25, 09 14:57

I think jmech suggestion is worth following, however, if you referred those two SMSs transmissions back to Orange they can tell you how those texts were sent and why they appear as a record in OA's call detail records.
Institute for Digital Forensics (IDF) - www.linkedin.com/groups/2436720
Mobile Telephone Examination Board (MTEB) - www.linkedin.com/groups/141739
Universal Network Investigations - www.linkedin.com/groups/13536130
Mobile Telephone Evidence & Forensics trewmte.blogspot.com 

Senior Member

Re: Cell data analysis, problem

Post Posted: Apr 27, 09 16:17

Thanks for the info guys,
this is an avenue of research we will steer to for this



Re: Cell data analysis, problem

Post Posted: Apr 27, 09 20:33

Well I haven't done any billing or CDR analysis before. But here are a few more possibilities. So these may show differently on CDR to what I may assume.
1. Could it be a missed call sms from the network (i.e one person calls another and hangs up before it goes to voicemail etc - some networks then send an SMS saying this person called but didn't leave a message and often shows the callers number).
2. Some networks allow u to send messages via an online system (i.e Vodafone Mail or whatever O2's genie service is now).
3. Could it be a delivery report?
4. Could it just be a message that for whatever reason was delayed at the SMSC.

I hope one of these is useful.  

Senior Member

Re: Cell data analysis, problem

Post Posted: Apr 30, 09 13:51

The messages could have been sent from a spoof messaging website. On these sites you can use any number you want as the senders number - So OA's number could have been inputted into the senders number field. Have you checked the Service Center Number on OB's handset attached to the two received messages. Google the Service Center Number to see if it belongs to Orange or another provider?  

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