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time date stamp

Discussion of forensic issues related to all types of mobile phones and underlying technologies (GSM, GPRS, UMTS/3G, HSDPA, LTE, Bluetooth etc.)
Subforums: Mobile Telephone Case Law
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Senior Member

time date stamp

Post Posted: Apr 26, 09 20:11

Could somebody please clear up a confusing theory re time date stamps on mobiles.
firstly because I have taken out the SIM and read this first I have had to remove the battery on re-inserting this the phone can sometimes start up with(for example Nokia 1208) the screen showing the default 09:00 hrs and is asking me to set the date and time(if i was the user of this phone).
what is the general consensus re setting the time to the correct as well as the date, I do not wish to input anything onto a handset but, with some Symbian handsets certain tools will not let me extract until the correct date time is set.
I appreciate a lot of handsets now have built in clocks and will not lose this data on removal of the battery but with those it does I am having to find a definate answer as to what an examiner should do.
Its not just the older phones that do this I have a 8800 Arte and before that I had a 8800 Scirocco both these asked for time date settings following battery removal  

Senior Member

Re: time date stamp

Post Posted: Apr 27, 09 15:58

Be wary of Symbian handset's Log Longevity - most of them can delete the event log after 1, 10 or 30 days... The correct date may well be after that time period, if so, bye bye logs...  

Senior Member

Re: time date stamp

Post Posted: Apr 27, 09 16:12

Thanks Alex, think some have a 180 date as well, thankfully have not come across one yet(fingers firmly crossed) but as I stated earlier there are some symbians that wont give up info without the time date stamped  

Senior Member

Re: time date stamp

Post Posted: May 13, 09 17:17

What I tend to do is dismiss the date/time setting request where possible and let the handset decide if it should set the default date/time or no date/time at all. For symbian phones I tend to set the date and time to that of seizure which should preserve the data (logs) in the state they were when the handset was seized. Some people say that setting it in the past can work, however I have not experimented with this.  

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