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Cranfield - Worth the money?

Computer forensics training and education issues. If you are looking for topic suggestions for your project, thesis or dissertation please post here rather than the general discussion forum.
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Cranfield - Worth the money?

Post Posted: Sep 19, 05 13:36


After years in the IT field, I’ve decided that Computer forensics is a area I would like to move into. I've decided to do the MSc and move into the field this way.
Looking around at my option's and reading on this forum it looks like Cranfield is the best place to study part time, but my question is, is it worth the 15K or is it better to wait until Portsmouth start their course next Sept that will only cost 4.5K?
Is Cranfield that much more respected in the Computer Forensics field that you are more likely to get a better job with more money making the investment worth it?

Any help would be appreciated


Senior Member

Re: Cranfield - Worth the money?

Post Posted: Sep 19, 05 14:01

I have done a module of the MSc at the Cranfield; I'd say the knowledge and practical real-world expereince of the tutors there is second to none, you're talking world authorties in some areas and as such the course is very highly regarded within the forensic community

The only downside is the environment and facilities as at the Royal Military College of Science at Shrivenham.... basic to say the least. I don't know anything about the course at Portsmouth, but you should enquire about the people running the course and their background. If they seem reasonable, then, to be honest, it may well be worth going there and saving your 10k.  


Re: Cranfield - Worth the money?

Post Posted: Sep 22, 05 19:45

Thanks for the reply Jonathon
Has anyone else on the forum studied at Cranfield or any other UK Uni offering the MSc? any info you could give me of your experiences of the course that could help me choose the best one to go for would be really helpful



Re: Cranfield - Worth the money?

Post Posted: Mar 03, 06 20:35

Hi there,

I've also been enquiring about this course. I've had all the details sent back to me and it looks like a great course but I was a bit shocked about the cost. I've missed this years intake so I would have to wait until March 2007 so I have a while to think about it.

The problem I have is that I will be paying for the course myself and it seems a lot of money. That and the fact it will be four years till I graduate, I was thinking about other routes into computer forensics. 15k could buy an awful lot of books and short courses.

I spoke to my other half and she's happy for me to do the course providing it is worthwhile. I currently work in IT as a programmer and have done so for the past eight years but I've started thinking about getting into CF.

pgranuk, have you decided whether to do the course or not yet?



Re: Cranfield - Worth the money?

Post Posted: Mar 08, 06 21:44

Like Jonathan, I attended at Cranfield and completed a module, and theoretically it was first class, the instructors were excellent (Prof Sammes - world renown), but the facilities were quite poor (2002). The University of Glamorgan in South Wales run a part time MSc in Info Sec & Computer Crime which I have attended. I have personally completed all the modules on this course (6 - each a week long), I believe the modules cost £1150 and the final project costing £1800, therefore the total cost is around £8700. I personally thought the course quite good. Details can be found at :http://www.glam.ac.uk/coursedetails/685/549.
Paul Webb 


Re: Cranfield - Worth the money?

Post Posted: Mar 09, 06 14:40

I did the Information Security MSc at royal Holloway College, University of London (£4.5k). Again this is a very well respected course, although covering a wider range of subjects including hardware security, network security, datebase security, computer crime etc.

Forensics is not even a main module on the course, but I'd still recommend it for several reasons. A lot of jobs don't require a degree in forensics per se, but a degree in a related field. The Information Security degree gives you better all round knowldge making you more appealing to a wider range of employers.

You may feel at this stage that you want to practice forensics, but how will you feel if you spend £15k on a course to find out you don't like it, or you can't get a job, or computer forensics doesn't exist in four years because everyone encrypts their hard drives!

My personal recommendation would be to do a course like this, I think with your experience and this qualification you could walk into a broad range of top paying jobs. If, on the other hand, you have your heart set on forensics and really do want ot do a specific forensics course, then yes, cranfield is the best. I suppose it depends really on where you are based...

P.S. The link to the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway is www.isg.rhul.ac.uk/


Senior Member

Re: Cranfield - Worth the money?

Post Posted: Jan 18, 09 02:13

Having experience of the two week Foundation Course in Forensic Computing run by Profesor Sammes, Brian Jenkins, Geoff Fellows and manged by Lindy Sheppard at Cranfield University, I can say that if the quality of the foundation course is an indicator of the quality of the MSc course then it would be money well spent.
The two week foundation course is an eye opener for even the relatively experienced analyst and is presented with such comprehensive skill and authority that it should be an essential waypoint for every forensic computing analyst.
Forensic Computer Analyst (LE)
BSc (Hons)

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