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A Time Utility for Forensic Analysts

Forensic software discussion (commercial and open source/freeware). Strictly no advertising.
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Senior Member

A Time Utility for Forensic Analysts

Post Posted: Dec 18, 09 19:43

A couple of years ago I wrote an application to do a load of stuff relating to time.
I was intending to release it but as with most of my projects I got the main functionality but didn't get round to finishing off all the little bits that would make it a polished app. I tried to write a function that would slow down time so that I could finish the app off but I can't seem to find the right object in the .NET framework Confused

We use the app on a regular basis here in Notts Police but it seems only fair that I let other folks have a chance to use it. My manager, Harry Parsonage has persuaded me to upload it to his site here.

Here's a list of the things it can do...
1) Display the Time Zone on the host computer together with all details of the time zone and DST settings.
2) Display all the Time Zones available on the computer and calculate current time in any zone.
3) Calculate the time difference between an examined computer's BIOS clock and the current time, and produce a report.
4) Calculate the time difference between two or more times.
5) Decode a wide range of computer time formats and print them at their maximum accuracy (e.g. NTFS Filetime is to the nearest 100 nanoseconds, FAT Created time to the nearest 10 milliseconds).
6) Encode a time into any of the common time formats to enable a time code to be used as a search string.

As far as I am aware there are no bugs in the functionality, I have been careful not to make assumptions about things like ambiguous times (the repeated hour at the end of DST). Where such issues are encountered you will get a warning and the application/reports will make clear whether DST has been applied or not. The kind of things that don't work are the help system and there are some functions not implemented at all yet (like being able to parse Linux/Unix compiled timezone files).

Feel free to use it to help you prosecute bad people...
If you are a bad person trying to avoid prosecution then please don't use it Evil or Very Mad



Senior Member

Re: A Time Utility for Forensic Analysts

Post Posted: Dec 18, 09 20:20

Cheers Paul, looks like a handy timesaver.
(i just realised what a horrible pun that was)  

Site Admin

Re: A Time Utility for Forensic Analysts

Post Posted: Dec 31, 09 19:33


Please feel free to add a link to the Downloads section here at Forensic Focus, looks like a very useful app. Thanks for sharing it.

Jamie Morris
Forensic Focus
Web: www.forensicfocus.com
Twitter: twitter.com/ForensicFocus
Facebook: www.facebook.com/forensicfocus 

Senior Member

Re: A Time Utility for Forensic Analysts

Post Posted: Dec 31, 09 19:46

Love the name...
(We call our image server and it's array the Tardis)


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