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Certifications Poll

Computer forensics discussion. Please ensure that your post is not better suited to one of the forums below (if it is, please post it there instead!)
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Senior Member

Certifications Poll

Post Posted: Oct 22, 05 07:16

Just a poll to see what industry certifications people of the board have, and what job position they have with these certifications.

I appreciate any responses Smile  


Re: Certifications Poll

Post Posted: Oct 23, 05 00:42

Minor certs..
Network Security Engineer by profession

I own the company so I guess that makes me god?? lol

I don't hire by certs either - I find they are a crutch for people who can't back up their abilities. I give my techs a real life situation and let them dig their way out of it. Watching how they respond is what I go by in hiring them
I used to be a lifeguard, but some blue kid got me fired.

Business Network Solutions 

Senior Member

Re: Certifications Poll

Post Posted: Oct 23, 05 04:35

Work as a Information Security Analyst at fortune 500 company. Lead for incident response. litigations e-discovery and forensics.
Certs achieved so far are Security + and Certified Computer Examiner.

I agree with RoboGeek's comment. Nothing beats real life experience and being able to make the right choices when hiring. Corporate hiring practices are too fluffy.

Being well rounded with different technologies is the key.  

Senior Member

Re: Certifications Poll

Post Posted: Oct 23, 05 19:51

One of the things I always tell my student is that the only thing a certification is good for is to get you the interview. However, they have to realize that the interviewer is not going to ask multiple-choice questions... that is where the experience and good communications skills come into play.


Senior Member

Re: Certifications Poll

Post Posted: Oct 24, 05 02:05


Do you have a small crutch since you say that you have minor certs?

I think you will find that you will alienate LOTS of people with statements like that.
Why order a taco when you can ask it politely?

Alan B. "A man can live a good life, be honorable, give to charity, but in the end, the number of people who come to his funeral is generally dependent on the weather. " 

Senior Member

Re: Certifications Poll

Post Posted: Oct 24, 05 13:53

I am training to be a forensic computer analyst and I am a certified computer examiner. I am looking at perhaps becoming a MCSA but that is more of a general interest thing. I don't think certifications are all that impressive but for someone starting off in the field they are a way of saying to the judge that you are working within your own knowledge barriers.  

Senior Member

Re: Certifications Poll

Post Posted: Oct 24, 05 21:22

Interesting responses. I look at it a little different. I can understand those in field not being to overly impressive, but I would probably say that Certifications are extremely important, especially in the Forensics Field. Here is why, like bjgleas said, certs get you the interview. As forensics is mostly in the consulting/contract job field, done for multiple companies and such, Certs look alot better when companies are looking to hire a Computer Forensics Examiner for a investigation.

Think of it this way, you are a company who is looking to hire someone for a computer Forensic investigation, do you hire A) Joe with no specialized CF certifications but has said he is experienced in Computer Forensics or B) Doug who has Overall Security Cert (Security +, CISSP or GSEC) a specific Forensic Cert (CCE or GCFA) and a Forensic Tool Specific Cert (ENcE Or ACE)

Which would be considered more of an Expert Witness?

Currently, I hold the GSEC, GCFA and am in the process of the ENcE. I am also a Information Security Analyst Sr.  

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