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Knowledge base/wiki?

Computer forensics discussion. Please ensure that your post is not better suited to one of the forums below (if it is, please post it there instead!)
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Site Admin

Knowledge base/wiki?

Post Posted: Mar 17, 06 05:34

Hi all,

I had a mail from Paul Sanderson & Craig Wilson the other day about their ForensicWiki. It got me thinking, does anyone want to see a kind of knowledge base here which people can add to over time with useful information? Based on my miserable failure to encourage hardly anyone to write articles for the Papers & Articles page I know there's often a difference between what we'd like to do (i.e. share our knowledge) and what we have the time to do! Equally though, perhaps adding short snippets to a knowledge base is a lot easier than putting together a 1,000 word article.

Thoughts and comments appreciated.

Jamie Morris
Forensic Focus
Web: www.forensicfocus.com
Twitter: twitter.com/ForensicFocus
Facebook: www.facebook.com/forensicfocus 

Senior Member

Re: Knowledge base/wiki?

Post Posted: Mar 17, 06 05:56


I feel your pain, dude. That's the nature of the beast, though...it brings thousands of people from across the Internet together, so they can all sit around.

The fact is, people don't want to write articles or snippets...they want to read them.



Senior Member

Re: Knowledge base/wiki?

Post Posted: Mar 17, 06 06:29

Ive always planned on writing an article when i get a chance, but I am still in the learning stages myself. I remember reading snippets from a Richard Feynman book where he said that if someone couldnt explain something in simple laymans terms then they did not truly comprehend it. Explaining something that you learned to someone else often helps you retain that knowledge longer.

In the case of a wiki, I do feel that people would be more likely to contribute to it. Just cause you dont have a mastery of a certain topic, or enough knowledge to write a large paper on it, doesnt mean you dont have a few things to share.

I also think that if there is already a wiki somewhere else on the topic that is fairly good you shouldnt bother making another one. Id rather see one very very good one.

Edit: Looked at the link and membership is not open to everyone. I wouldnt be able to join because I am not yet in the field. Kind of disappointing but it keeps the profession respectable. No paper MCSEs or overuse of the word engineer and analyst. When i finally do score a job in CP it will be something I can finally be proud of.  

Senior Member

Re: Knowledge base/wiki?

Post Posted: Mar 17, 06 15:58


I'll keep an eye on how the ForensicWiki pans out and report back. Being a closed environment open primarily to LE and F3 people it will be interesting to see if it gets used much. I've a login for DD and ForensicWiki and I certainly post more to here than DD, I just find a wider more international audience to get comments from. A closed forum does restrict that quite a bit.


Senior Member

Re: Knowledge base/wiki?

Post Posted: Mar 17, 06 23:27


In all fairness, though it does say on the first page that membership is closed, it's most likely due to credibility issues. First off, you have to be vetted to make sure that the moderators know who you are...that you're not some kind of spammer, or someone just trying to get access to collect email addresses. Second, with an account, things that are posted can actually be tied back to someone. If someone's posting incorrect information, or things that don't have anything to do with the wiki, that issue can be addressed.

While in theory, a closed forum does restrict contributions, it's really not an issue...look at those forums out that there are more open, and look at the quality and credibility of the posts.


Senior Member

Re: Knowledge base/wiki?

Post Posted: Mar 18, 06 00:37

I am neither LE nor belong to F3 and I am a member of ForensicWiki.
It does have some diverse content and I don;t find it totally dedicated to information forensics.

Having a forensicsforum wiki would be great.  


Re: Knowledge base/wiki?

Post Posted: Mar 20, 06 22:55

I adminster a Wiki for my department (computer crimes) of my agency. Wikis are great knowledge management tools - however, at least in my experience here, people don't post. Right now we have one person who posts content regularly - me.

It's only been live for a few months, however, so perhaps that will change. But my point is, the biggest problem with putting a lot of time and effort into applications like these is that they often go underutilized.

That being said, I'd be very interested to see the creation of a wiki here.  

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