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Knowledge base/wiki?

Computer forensics discussion. Please ensure that your post is not better suited to one of the forums below (if it is, please post it there instead!)
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Re: Knowledge base/wiki?

Post Posted: Mar 21, 06 03:15

Just out of curiosity; how many wikis are out there?
I came across this one not too long ago [http://www.forensicswiki.org/index.php/Main_Page]
and had to look again to make sure that it wasn't the same one!
I have to say that between the blogs (I read Harlan's often, as well as a couple of dozen others) and the communities (this one being one of the best) and the websites like mine (http://www.e-evidence.info -shameless plug), who out there is not beginning to suffer from information overload?



Re: Knowledge base/wiki?

Post Posted: Mar 21, 06 15:49

I've found that it's hard to find anyone who doesn't see the benefits of a wiki for capturing hard earned knowledge, but it's harder still to get them to contribute.

The wider audience here might allow a wiki to build up quicker but if it's just repeating information found on other support forums and websites, I think that most people wouldn't bother. It all sounds a bit pessimistic but I honestly thought that the forensicwiki.com would be used a lot more than it has been.

I would love to be proved wrong on this one!



Re: Knowledge base/wiki?

Post Posted: Mar 21, 06 20:08

This is just my opinion, but I think that we, as a community of forensic practitioners, have gotten past the need for more of the 'general' digital forensic groups, listservs, wikis, etc., and would benefit much more from wikis that are more targetted in their content.

Examples might be 'Registry Forensics' wiki, a 'Tool validation' wiki, or a 'Metadata' wiki.

I for one would like to have a single resource (for a given specific issue) where I could go and get solid information on that topic witout having to scour through other blogs, lists, websites to pull together what I need.


Site Admin

Re: Knowledge base/wiki?

Post Posted: Mar 22, 06 15:50

Examples might be 'Registry Forensics' wiki, a 'Tool validation' wiki, or a 'Metadata' wiki.

Interesting point, any other suggestions (from Christine or others)?


Senior Member

Re: Knowledge base/wiki?

Post Posted: Mar 22, 06 16:48

"I for one would like to have a single resource..."

Christine, put in a good word for me to my editor at AWL...I've got a book in the works that will cover the Registry, tool validation, and metadata...plus other stuff. Wink

I do agree about the single resource issue...I recently ran across the CyberSpeak podcasts b/c they mentioned some of my work in the 11 Mar podcast. There are a lot of resources out there, at various levels, but how does one keep them all straight? Sometimes, even the most comprehensive search turns up nothing...


Senior Member

Re: Knowledge base/wiki?

Post Posted: Mar 22, 06 20:55

I became aware of this thread over the weekend and have obtained Jamie’s kind permission to post this response.

There are a few points that I would like to make.

Yes there is another forensic wiki (forensicswiki, plural rather than ForensicWiki) which was set up shortly before ours - we were not aware of it before hand and by the time we did become aware the content of ours had already passed that of the forensicswiki. We do agree that one resource is better than multiple resources and so we did discuss joining forces with the other wiki but we were uncomfortable hosting an open site that could effectively be modified by anyone - this decision has been vindicated as the forensicswiki seems to be getting spammed on a daily basis.

The restricted membership that we have decided to use is not designed to limit the membership in any major way, but as has already been mentioned, to allow us to police the system. Membership is open to forensic practitioners, both prosecution and defence, and would also be extended to those who genuinely wish to participate - for these we would ask for some sort recommendation/vouching by someone already in the field or a ForensicWiki member, so debaser_ go ahead and request access.

I am not sure of the value of multiple Wiki’s, one for each issue. One of the features of the wiki software is to allow a user to categorize each page, therefore if you are only interested in metadata then you can just look in the metadata category – simple.

I would of course be disappointed if Jamie chose to implement a new Wiki here, but that would be his prerogative, as said above another resource would just dilute the effectiveness of all.

There are now nearly 1700 users and a few hundred pages of genuine content of the ForensicWiki with more being added almost daily. I would be glad to offer membership of ForensicWiki to anyone from ForensicFocus who is either a practitioner or can provide an LE/corporate forensic reference.

Paul Sanderson

Last edited by PaulSanderson on Jun 10, 06 18:11; edited 1 time in total

Site Admin

Re: Knowledge base/wiki?

Post Posted: Mar 22, 06 21:29

Just a short message to say a warm welcome to Paul. I know he's joined us just now to comment on this specific topic but I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping that he'll be able to join in future discussions if time allows.

Right now it's me who's pressed for time though so I'm going to leave it at that for now but I do have a few comments on the issue at hand which I'll try to post later.



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