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Firmware Database For Data Recovery And Computer Forensics Experts

Monday, November 13, 2017 (09:07:23)

Firmware Database For Data Recovery And Computer Forensics Experts

It has been more than a year since we announced the Firmware Database, useful online library of firmware files meant for solving data recovery and computer forensics cases.

This Database, as well as PC3K Monitor, is part of our effort to increase the success rate of data recovery process worldwide.

We offer download (free of charge) of 12.800 files, organized in 6 folders (groups) named by HDDs brands – Hitachi, Maxtor, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital to the users who pass the Sign up verification form.

So far we received more than 2800 applications for registration, of which was approved more than 890.

The database is updated on a weekly basis and currently we have more than 76.1 GB files for download. Latest update included 3511 files and some new famillies were added:

For Seagate drives - YarraX, Rosewood_A5, Rosewood_8C, Bacall, Pharaoh_Oasis, MantaRay, Megalodon and Casey famillies.

For Western Digital drives - Trails, SpyGlass, TresXLB2, Tresselb, FBH15SL, KOJN_RE, PebbleB, Aztec PL, DF4PL RE.

From the day 1 we received nothing but positive thoughts and support from our colleagues and data recovery community.

These signals mean that our system made a difference and hopefully increased the numbers of satisfied clients.

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1. Re:

From the day 1 we received nothing but positive thoughts and support from our colleagues and data recovery community.

Allow me to break this record for the first time.

Besides the requirement for subscription and the need to use a "company e-mail address" the "challenge" questions:

1. Which brand includes DM8 family?

2. SSHD stands for hybrid or helium filed hard drive?

3. Is Baracuda a Fujitsu family?

4. Full relo list is characteristic problem for WD royl or HGST?

5. Which module is user area translator module on WD royl?

Are halfway between "first grade" and guru-only-jargon that most (otherwise good-willing) newbies will completely fail to understand.

And after having gone through them one needs also to be somehow "approved" or "vetted"? Shocked

If that is "our effort to increase the success rate of data recovery process worldwide" you are IMNSHO completely failing at it, what you are doing is only to make yet another "elite club" with limited access, or - anyway - procure yourself a validated mailing list of possible customers.

BTW, that is entirely within your rights, of course.



2. Re:

Hi Jaclaz,

When we announced the FD there were no questions and sign up conditions. There was only a limit how many files a person can download per day.

However, a lot of fake emails and questions (''how to use these files'') emerged and we decided to include several sign up questions which can be answered by someone who is in data recovery business and will not ask us if he can use these files to fix the broken heads.

Quickly after this we noticed that some users started creating several accounts with similar email address ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc.) in order to register and it was taking a lot of our time to manually remove them.

Our latest condition (about the company email address) was also announced on FB, but we still get the users which are trying to register with free email addresses.

The biggest problems are not these fake emails, but the users which can harm their devices because they do not know how to use the files we provide.

These files are for the users from data recovery community, not for the end users who want to try fixing their devices.

FYI, having more than 890 users who know how to use the files is not a failure.


HddSurgery team

Parent |

3. Re:

Sure Smile I do understand most of the reasons why, I was commenting on the how you attempted to solve the issue.

For the record, what you have is not 890 users who know how to use the files, you have 890 accounts by people that have available a "company" address[1] and that was/is willing to give it to you and that were smart enough to reply correctly to your questions (even if by only googling for them).

The rant was only about the fact that a number of people may have interest in one or two of those files but cannot access a "company" e-mail address or (for whatever reasons) don't want to provide their e-mail ( I am thinking at students or however people trying to learn something more on the topic).

Anyway, it is a laudable initiative Smile .


[1] Please read as any domain that is not gmail, yahoo, yandex, etc.

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