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Cellebrite Delivers Major Enhancements To Analytics Product Family

Monday, March 12, 2018 (13:16:48)
Cellebrite Delivers Major Enhancements to Analytics Product Family to Make Digital Evidence More Actionable for Investigators and Prosecutors

Investigative teams can identify relevant evidence more easily and tell a holistic story more efficiently with an enhanced user interface and new customizable investigator reporting in Cellebrite Analytics.

Cellebrite, the leading provider of digital intelligence solutions, today announced key usability enhancements designed to help investigators and prosecutors solve crimes faster. With key interface upgrades, investigative teams can capture, organize and produce case reports in an easily understandable format that can be shared with peers or effectively presented in court.
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Video: Picking Up The Trash - Exploiting Generational GC For Memory Analysis

Monday, March 12, 2018 (10:03:59)
Adam Pridgen discusses his research at DFRWS EU 2017.

Pridgen: Thank you, everybody, for being here. I know that I stand between you and lunch. I’m here presenting research on behalf of myself and my colleagues Dan and Simson. So let’s get started.

As you all know, Java uses automatic memory management. Automatic memory management means that the developers no longer have control over the memory that they’re allocating or deallocating. A lot of this happens behind the scenes, using the garbage collector. And in the case of Java, it uses a generational garbage collector but other managed runtimes use different types of garbage collectors. What this really means is data cannot be explicitly destroyed, so that means if we have some type of application that we want to protect sensitive data with, or protect sensitive data, we can’t do it.

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Register For Webinar: Griffeye 101: A Crash Course in Visual Media Investigation

Friday, March 09, 2018 (13:06:57)
The explosion and volume of digital images and videos captured by CCTV, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, body worn cameras, and dash cams presents significant challenges to analysts, investigators, and forensic examiners. In this webinar, students will learn about:

- Pre-categorization based on known hashes
- Processing vast amounts of multimedia data collected from multiple sources and forensic tools
- Automatically eliminating and prioritizing information
- Detecting critical clues through automated routines and visual navigation
- Identifying relationships between files based on their EXIF
- The basics of “Fuzzy hashing”
- Photo matching in the absence of EXIF data
- Object recognition in videos

Date: Friday 16th March 2018
Time: 3pm CET / 2pm GMT / 9am EST

Presenter: Rey Navarro, Senior Director, North America, Griffeye Technologies

Register here.
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Webinar: How The Onset Of Security Apps Is Impacting Investigations

Friday, March 09, 2018 (10:03:11)
A new webinar, How The Onset Of Security Apps Is Impacting Investigations, is available to view here.

Join Jessica Hyde, Director of Forensics at Magnet, for a look into vault and security apps with a focus on Cheetah Mobile apps including file managers, cleaning apps, private browsers and app locks. She will focus in on what type of artifact evidence apps like these can leave behind and what you should be aware of as an investigator when dealing with these apps.

Join the forum discussion here.
View the webinar on YouTube here.
Read a full transcript of the webinar here.
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Cellebrite Arms Forensic Examiners With Unparalleled Analysis Capabilities

Thursday, March 08, 2018 (10:26:34)
Cellebrite Arms Forensic Examiners with Upgraded, Unparalleled Access and Analysis of Digital Evidence

New extraction capabilities in UFED Ultimate allow robust examination from key new sources in a single environment, complimentary inclusion of public social media data via UFED Cloud Analyzer.

Cellebrite, the leading provider of digital intelligence solutions, has introduced a comprehensive upgrade to its portfolio of offerings to provide examiners with new capabilities that provide unrivaled access to evidence from locked or encrypted mobile devices via UFED Ultimate. In addition, by providing a complimentary UFED Cloud Analyzer public domain product license available to all active UFED Ultimate customers, teams can enrich digital examinations with rapid access to public social media data.

AI And Machine Learning: The Future Is Now

Thursday, March 08, 2018 (08:51:49)
It seems that in the last few years Artificial Intelligence (AI) has really come of age. With machine learning at the heart of the latest advances in AI, researchers have acquired new knowledge and methods to achieve impressive results across a wide range of areas including image and video recognition and analysis. And what’s more, these techniques and results are now within easy reach for investigators and their teams.

By Johann Hoffmann, Head of Griffeye, and Pelle Gara, Director & Co-founder of Griffeye.

Oxygen Drone Forensics

Tuesday, March 06, 2018 (12:35:04)
It was not too long ago when drones were discussed we would often think of military use or large commercial type applications. However, today drones are now in the hands of hobbyists who frequently use the devices for taking aerial pictures and shooting unique video footage. Not to mention law enforcement use them to monitor traffic conditions, and some companies are even starting to deliver packages in busy cities.

Criminals have now set their sights on these easily purchased devices due to their many features, including carrying payloads, flying great distances, and their anonymity. Drones have even been used by criminals to commit stalking crimes by using them to spy on their victims. With more than 770,000 registered drones in the United States alone, the issue of drone misuse has become a part of regular news stories and is quickly getting out of control.

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Magnet AXIOM 1.2.4 Brings New Capabilities To Bypass Android Passwords

Tuesday, March 06, 2018 (09:53:24)
Magnet AXIOM 1.2.4 is now available for customers to download. With the latest release of AXIOM, we’re bringing new capabilities to bypass Android passwords, full cloud token integration, McAfee Decryption, and more.

Crash Course In Visual Media Investigation

Monday, March 05, 2018 (16:54:47)
On the 16th of march, Griffeye is hosting a webinar on how to investigate large volumes of images and videos in the most effective way. In a one and a half-hour crash course, participants will learn how Griffeye technology can help to process, analyze, visualize, manage and build intelligence from mass quantities of digital media.

Video: Network Forensic Investigation In Openflow Networks With ForCon

Monday, March 05, 2018 (11:57:23)
Daniel Spiekermann discusses his research at DFRWS EU 2017.

Spiekermann: I would like to present a paper of digital investigation in OpenFlow networks with ForCon. I am a PhD student at the FernUniversitat in Hagen and the topic of virtual networks and network forensic investigation is my focus.

Before, I would like to start with a scenario – just imagine you work for a law enforcement agency, [as Martin mentioned before], maybe the state police, and you have a project. You have the job to wiretap the traffic of the red virtual machine. Typically, the network forensic investigation differs slightly, the network forensic investigation in law enforcement differs slightly from common network forensic investigation, I would say, in a company, whereas the focus is on to capture the traffic of all hosts, but you only capture traffic which you pre-define. In wiretapping something, you try to capture every packet of the system of interest.

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