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Page 321

Legal Tech Expert E-Mails His Wish List to Santa

Friday, December 22, 2006 (21:17:11)
I've been a good boy this year. I spent all my time helping lawyers and judges with electronic data discovery (EDD) and studying really, really hard about electronically stored information (ESI), data harvest, spoliation, de-duplication, meet-and-confer, search tools, forms of production and computer forensics...

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Agencies join forces to fight computer crime

Wednesday, December 20, 2006 (19:29:51)
Computer crime is on the rise everywhere. Few police departments have the resources to do much about it. That may soon change in central Virginia. It used to be a police or sheriff's department would get just a few computer related crime complaints a month. Now one comes in just about every day. Most agencies can't deal with them on their own...

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Hong Kong computer forensic lab stays step ahead

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 (18:29:00)
The jailing this week of self-styled "Big Crook" Chan Nai-ming for downloading and distributing movies on the Internet has put Hong Kong at the forefront of the worldwide fight against digital piracy. And the message Friday from senior superintendent Daniel Cheung Chi- kwong of the Customs and Excise Department to would-be criminals was clear: "If you commit an information technology offense, we will find you." Cheung has the figures to back up his claims. Since 2000, his department's HK$5.1 million computer forensic laboratory handled some 316 cases..

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Organised crime gangs lure IT graduates

Thursday, December 14, 2006 (17:25:11)
Organised criminals are starting to recruit IT students, according to a new report from security vendor McAfee. The revelation came as experts called for a greater focus on ethics in technology courses. The McAfee Virtual Criminology Report into organised crime and the internet was produced with co-operation from the FBI and European high-tech crime units, including the Metropolitan Police’s Computer Crime Unit. It reports that 68 out of 77 computer science students at one US university admitted to committing an illegal computer act, such as using another person’s account or writing a virus...

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Crime surge sparks calls for internet Interpol

Wednesday, December 13, 2006 (18:07:19)
Eugene Kaspersky, head of antivirus research at Kaspersky Labs, has called for greater international law enforcement co-operation to combat the growing threat from cybercrime. Interpol, which helps national police forces to work together, has a financial and hi-tech crime sub-directorate that investigates cybercrime, including botnet activity. But Kaspersky believes that a more formal body with stronger powers is needed...

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New lab to find fraudsters' computer secrets in New Zealand

Monday, December 11, 2006 (17:37:41)
Corporate investigation company Paragon NZ is setting up what will be the country's largest forensic computer laboratory at its Auckland headquarters. Paragon director Ron McQuilter said when it opened for business in February it would be bigger than any of the forensic computer laboratories now operating in this country, including the one run by the police...

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Alabama computer forensics duo cracks high-profile hacker attacks

Friday, December 08, 2006 (14:44:44)
The suspect's constant keystrokes inside an underground nuclear laboratory in New Mexico uncovered personal photographs, voice mails and secret passwords. The worried victims, a rock star and his Playmate wife, called their Los Angeles attorney. A pair of investigators worked the case in front of computer screens in a small office in suburban Mobile. And late last month, after months of computer tracking, Gus Dimitrelos and Kevin Levy, of the Alabama Computer Forensics Laboratory in Spanish Fort, cracked one of the year's most high-profile identity theft cases...

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PSC to offer computer forensics course

Thursday, December 07, 2006 (15:30:42)
Prairie State College (Chicago area, US) will offer a class this spring that will keep students on the cutting edge of the Internet age. Shelly Hokanson, assistant professor and course coordinator for information technology, said Prairie State is one of the first community colleges in the area to develop a computer forensics course. The course will be an introduction to the specialty and will teach students to obtain, analyze, preserve, recover and investigate digital crime evidence...

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Canadian legal community mulls impact of U.S. e-discovery rules

Wednesday, December 06, 2006 (13:58:27)
The United States implemented several changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure last Friday that could make waves for Canadian IT staff working not only in law, but in all industries. Electronic discovery (or e-discovery) governance has generally been slapdash, formulated on inconsistent case law and local directives. The amendments attempt to remedy that by requiring that parties bring up and agree upon e-discovery issues -- such as file format, information preservation, and privileged information -- at the beginning of the proceedings...

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The basics of how digital forensics tools work

Wednesday, December 06, 2006 (04:55:21)
I've noticed there is a fair amount of confusion about how forensics tools work behind the scenes. If you've taken a course in digital forensics this will probably be "old hat" for you. If on the other hand, you're starting off in the digital forensics field, this post is meant for you. There are two primary categories of digital forensics tools, those that acquire evidence (data), and those that analyze the evidence. Typically, "presentation" functionality is rolled into analysis tools...

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