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BitLocker Decryption Explained

Friday, June 07, 2019 (11:37:01)
Decrypting BitLocker volumes or images is challenging due to the various encryption options offered by BitLocker that require different information for decryption.

This article explains BitLocker protectors and talks about the best ways to get the data decrypted, even for computers that are turned off.

What's Happening In Forensics

Thursday, June 06, 2019 (15:26:49)
Sarah Edwards shares her presentation 'Watching the Watchers' from Objective by the Sea.

Ariel Watson discusses what blockchain means for digital evidence sharing.

Bryan Ambrose demonstrates how to restore Windows sticky notes from volume shadow copies.

The Digital Investigations Conference will be taking place in Switzerland next week.

Cellebrite share five examples of investigations that used UFED.
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From Crime To Court: Review Principles For UK Disclosure

Thursday, June 06, 2019 (12:17:31)
by Hans Henseler

UK Law Enforcement agencies are facing significant challenges related to digital evidence disclosure in criminal prosecution cases. Suspects who are charged with a crime must have access to all relevant evidence to ensure a fair trial, even if the evidence can undermine the prosecution. To avoid disclosure errors and ensure that digital evidence is admissible in court, the UK Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) revised the Disclosure Manual in December 2018 and addressed the following topics:

• Reasonable lines of enquiry
• Identifying relevant material
• Disclosure documentation
• Legal professional privilege (LPP)
• Copying disclosable material

In this article, I will cover what each of the CPS disclosure manual topics mean and provide seven principles that will help streamline the review of digital material so that it better fits within the context of UK Disclosure requirements.

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What's Happening In Forensics

Wednesday, June 05, 2019 (17:35:26)
Chris Dale interviews Julia Helmer of Consilio about mobile data.

A new fingerprinting technique developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge allows websites to uniquely identify phones based on data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer sensors.

John Patzakis discusses in-place data analytics for unstructured data.
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Oxygen Forensics Announces Facial Recognition

Wednesday, June 05, 2019 (13:35:07)
Oxygen Forensics, a leading global provider of digital forensic investigation software to law enforcement, government, and enterprise organizations, announced its strategic partnership with Rank One Computing, a leading provider of facial recognition and biometrics technology.

What's Happening In Forensics

Tuesday, June 04, 2019 (15:32:40)
Amped posted a blog about how to deal with interlaced videos in Amped FIVE.

Alexis Brignoni demonstrates how to find Badoo chats in Android using SQL queries and the MAGNET App Simulator.

Hexacorn plays with delay-loaded DLLs.

Harlan Carvey talks about what's new, including some thoughts on bloggers, LNK files and roll-ups.

Bruce Schneier shares a paper about the cost of cybercrime.

Ali Hadi discusses forensic acquisitions over Netcat.

Wired have published a summary of Apple's biggest announcements from WWDC.

Cellebrite's Ariel Watson talks about accessing Samsung's Exynos chipset.

Integreon will be holding a panel discussion in Bristol (UK) on the 26th of June, on the topic of ediscovery, technology and the judiciary.

Brian Tuemmler from Nuix has published a post about information governance for information technologies.

CCL Group have acquired Evidence Talks.
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What's Happening In Forensics

Monday, June 03, 2019 (17:35:37)
Techno Security MB is under way - keep up to date on Twitter.

Binary Hick gives us an in-depth look at Snapchat on Android.

Jim Hoerricks asks whether certification in digital forensics is practical.

Ali Hadi looks at Windows InstallTime vs InstallDate registry values.

Foursquare has acquired Placed, meaning it now has more data on users' locations.

Data Narro have announced a new CLE-class focused on digital forensics.

Forensics Exchange does some research into malicious process investigation.

Cellebrite have released two case studies that show how digital evidence helped to solve a nationwide car theft operation and convict a Facebook predator.

Phill Moore rounded up last week's top stories in forensics, malware and threat hunting.

Pro Digital Forensics share some tips for effective forensic report writing.

Bryan Ambrose shows us where to find Windows 10 sticky notes.

Hexacorn has updates for PESectionExtractor and spends some time playing with program database paths.

Magnet AXIOM 3.2 now supports Instagram warrant returns.
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What's Happening In Forensics

Friday, May 31, 2019 (14:28:39)
BlackBag Tech have announced that MacQuisition can now produce decrypted physical images of Apple's latest systems using the T2 chip. Find Ashley Hernandez's demonstration here.

Didier Stevens has updated hex-to-bin.py to Version 0.0.2, which comes with an option to parse ASCII/hexdumps as produced by his tools.

Jim Hoerricks discusses the best certification options in the area of digital / multimedia analysis.

Craig Ball asks if there's a war on ediscovery, and if so, whether it's been lost already.

Didier Stevens talks about analysing first stage shellcode.

Farley Forensics describes how to analyse iTunes backups.

An upcoming conference on the 9th of July in the UK will look at how to investigate drugs and firearms on the dark web.

Hexacorn talks about event logs.

Ashley Hernandez gives a run-down of the highlights in the new release of BlackBag's Blacklight.

Phill Moore has wrapped up the highlights in digital forensics this week.
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Interview With Kim Hyun-soo, CEO, HancomGMD

Friday, May 31, 2019 (11:59:38)
Tell us a bit about your role: what does a day in your life look like?

I am Kim Hyun-soo, a founder of HancomGMD. Over the years, my daily routine has been very focused on the sole purpose of making a perfect solution to empower digital investigations and adding more value to the mobile forensics market.

I start my day by jumping right to my phone and checking to see how things are going with the business. It’s always exciting to wake up and check on the progress of evidence commissioned by clients from overseas.

From the moment I get into the office, I spend the majority of my time traveling for meetings with clients and chief executive officers in the HANCOM group, as well as attending conferences and other business-related gatherings each year.

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Susteen's Affordable Mobile Forensic Field Triage Device Keeps Getting Better

Thursday, May 30, 2019 (14:58:17)
Add Tip-of-the-Spear functionality to your agency with a device that allows you to be proactive instead of reactive. Get evidence when you need it and where you need it! Try the DATAPILOT 10 today and see what everyone is talking about. Join us at the Techno Security conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina June 2-5 and learn how your agency can begin collecting and viewing evidence data instantly in the field. At only $1,495, this revolutionary device is setting a new standard for quick access to digital evidence.

Visit us and request a demonstration today!